Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sat., Aug. 28

Hi everyone,

Sorry about no posts since Wed., but I have been literally wiped out since I started back to work. Thurs. was a little better than Wed., but Fri. was pretty rough again. The district was really good to me and brought a sub in for me these 3 days to help out. Still it was a big change from laying around for 8 mo.! I think I would have done much better if I hadn't had the blood infection. That has left me really dragging!
Yesterday, I was nervous again about the leg and my wonderful surgeon had me come up to clinic to see him in the afternoon. Everything was fine - he just thinks extra aches and pains were due to increased activity. In speaking with Infectious Disease, it was decided to have blood drawn again yesterday.
I spoke with surgeon this morning and all is well with my blood results - wbc good, electrolytes - good, platlets good, hemo - good, no new cultures grew, so the feeling is my exhaustion is result of blood infection. He doesn't want me to stop or curtail the 1/2 days and PT, just know that I will be tired.
I will try to post more frequently, but can't promise with my schedule.
I go to Hershey again on tues to see Infectious Disease - blood will be drawn on Mon, so they will compare them to Friday's numbers.
Thanks everyone, and have a good w/end!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wed., Aug 25

Hi everyone,

Well, I did work 4 hrs. today - would have rather done it without the most recent hospital visit because I would have had a lot more energy!! But, I did make it fairly well throught the first 3 1/2 hrs. but was beat after that!! CAme home and plopped on couch and thought I would never get up - couldn't sleep, but just wiped out!
Then I got a call from my PCP and he wanted to see me at 3:15, so by 2:30 (Anne) I was feeling better, but not great. Went for appt. - blood pressure good, temp. good, etc. but was really good to see him. I want to tell you just how special I am - when the office called to make the appt, the girl said that given all I had been through, the dr. offered to make a home visit if I wanted!!!!! Thought those days were long gone!!
Had big salad for dinner and delivery of pan of lasagna from a neighbor and now I am ready for an evening of TV. I go in at 11:15 tomorrow, so should get some sleep in time after I infused my 5 am med. Hopefully, only couple more weeks of this!!!
Thanks all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tues, aug 24


I'm home as of 9 pm last night - am resting lots and will fill more in tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sun afternoon, 8/22

Hi everyone,

I have good news, good news as of 3:30 and hopefully this will be the end of this ordeal. They have identified the bacteria and it is responding to antibiotics that I have been on since Thurs. Unless something changes, I will have 2 more wks of PICC line with med. used in spring and an oral one. I will have new line put in tomorrow and depending how I feel should be in school Wed. morning. I will do ½ days for at least 3 wks and then have line pulled and will have to be cautious with how much rest and activity I am doing during my off-work time.
As you might imagine, I am in my glory and on a cautious high!!! I will let you know when I will be coming home. I have been very active here at the hospital – up and down hall and down to cafeteria yesterday and today (1st floor).
Thanks again to everyone and I am trying to return all phone calls, but if I miss you, don’t take offense!!!

Sunday, Aug 22

Hi everyone,
It is a dreary rainy Sunday morning today. I had a fairly good day yesterday. Was surprised by visit from brother, Brent, after he refereed a soccer game in this area. This was followed by visit from Bobbi and a friend. I did walk to first floor and sit in cafeteria for hour or so. I also took a shower yesterday for the first.
Lots of confusion about removal of filter from neck – at this point, not sure it will happen at this visit – different medical departments are disagreeing over it. My platelet and wbc count were up slightly yesterday which is a good sign, but still no identification of bacteria – will take at least 5 days. Not sure what this means for discharge, but I won’t be allowed to leave until I am stabilized. Also not sure what this does to return to work. I’m still hoping for the best, but don’t want to be home until we have something more definite.
So if you get a chance, come on up – would love to see you and might even visit on first floor. Thanks to Beth for getting me a “free teacher gift” for me from Staples!
I don’t expect much more news today because not a whole lot happens here on the weekends unless an emergency. Keep prayers and support coming!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fri, Aug. 20

Hi everyone,
Well, I seem to have begun to turn the corner in this next adventure. No chills or fever for 24 hrs. New antibiotics seem to be agreeing with me.
I will have a cat scan tonight to determine if everything is okay with the IVC filter in my neck. If all is well, the procedure won’t happen till Mon. morning. If there is a problem, it will come out tomorrow morning. PICC line will be put in again Sun. or Mon. So my best guess at this point is that I will be coming home Mon. night or Tues. They still think I can start ½ days of school.
I had a very pleasant surprise that really lifted my spirits this afternoon. My good friend, Nancy’s aunt Ro and Uncle Jack, walked into my hospital room. I was shocked and so surprised because I haven’t seen them for many years. They drove all the way from West Chester to visit and their son, Jimmy, visited again today. It really made me happy!!
So, another weekend in Hershey Hospital which will be long a boring – if anyone has time and would like to visit, I would be more than happy to see you. If you are coming from Gbg, please call me first because I need a couple more pieces of clothing.
Thanks everyone! Carole

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thurs., Aug 19

Hi everyone,
I am e-mailing from Hershey Hospital once again!!!! Was here Tues. for check-ups and both dr. said I looked good. Went to bed that night feeling fine and woke up at midnight with major chills followed by fever of up to 102. I called Hershey and spoke with the resident who told me to take Tylenol and come in if fever spiked again. ID (Infectious Disease) ordered blood work drawn yesterday afternoon – Hershey got preliminary reports this morning and one of the cultures had grown. ID called me and told me to come into ER right away. Cyndi drove me up and I had another major chill attack on the way up and later found out that Cyndi was afraid I was going to seizure. I told her in Dillsburg that if I passed out, she should just pull over and call the ambulance – so you know I wasn’t feeling well at all!! I have a blood infection that was caught early and is being treated aggressively through IV. At this point the thinking is that it came in through my picc line and is not related to my hip but if not treated, could affect hip. My PICC line has been pulled and I currently have IV in for new antibiotics and fluids.
I will be here for a couple of days until things stabilize and then home again with another PICC line. Still should be able to go back to school but probably not until the end of the wk.
So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, keep the prayers and support coming.
Thanks, Carole

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tues., Aug. 17

Eric and I went up for another visit with both drs. today and all in all it was a good day!
I am happy to report that I no longer have hip precautions (but will take a while to feel comfortable with this); will be going back to school for 1/2 days the first 3 wks; anemia is a little better; do not have to cover incision any more unless want to - will probably do it to go to gym to ride bike; can stop aspirin; am off of all pain med, but tylenol; am driving as of yesterday; and am allowed to fly - for those of you who would like to take me on a trip!!

I had some minor blood work issues that infectious disease dr. is working on - nothing alarming, but will take blood again this Thurs. and possibly change antibiotic is the issues continue. I have an appt. with her again on the 31st.

The PICC line will come out sometime after 9/4 and I also have to have a procedure to remove the IVC filter in my neck sometime soon. This is out patient and I may even be awake for it - not that I want to be.

In general, walking mostly with cane now; getting stomach issues somewhat under control; rode bike today for 20 min and am planning to go out every day to ride it for a while.

I am not out of the woods yet, but feel closer to the edge of the woods than I have for months! Keep praying for me and thanks to all for continued support!!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, Aug 15

Hi everyone,

Believe it or not, I spent yesterday at Hershey Park!!!! Brother Randy, niece Sonja and Ken, Kennedy, and Stratton had an extra ticket and asked me to go. I really was hesitant, but figured it had to be better than sitting at home. I didn't do too badly - actually got on the tram with cane - took both walker and cane into the park. I have never seen sooooooooo many people - Jonas Brothers concert, Chevy free ticket day, and a real estate convention made for oodles of people. When in crowds, i used walker - iat was the first that I have ever walked up and down some inclines. I did well, but coming down my good knee hurt - sort of like it used to when downhill skiing!! I walked around from 10:30-2:30 and then sat at Dunkin Donuts for 3 hrs while rest were doing rides, etc. I really enjoyed it and ended the day with dinner at Applebees. Those kids were something else!!

Today am going with Patti to lunch and possibly movie and then visit this evening from the Moores. Monday, PT and then sister-in-law is offering to take me in to finish classroom. Tues. Hershey again and friends rest of week.

I hope to start driving today or tomorrow - short trips around town - hair cut, etc.

All in all doing fairly well - next will be to start sleeping upstairs again.
Have a good week everyone and I will update after Tues. appt. in Hershey.

Thanks for thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thurs,, Aug 12

Hi everyone,

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!! When I awoke in recovery from my last surgery, Queen's song "I Want to ride my bicycle" was going through my head and I took it as a sign that I will get back on the bike.

Today I took the first step by being allowed to get on the stationary bike in PT. I loved it and did very very well. We started with the seat high and then lowered it every few minutes. It felt great!!! But I do have to tell you that by the time I got off, my thumb and two fingers on right hand were numb!!!! What's up with that???? And no, my butt did not hurt!! Imagine that!!!

Other than this excitement, I am still dealing with some stomach issues with my med, but it is improving slightly. Not sure that a big part of it isn't stress!!!

Spent 4 hrs. in my classroom yesterday and plan to go back next wk one day to do the rest of it. Not sure of particulars from returning to school yet because I didn't have much time to speak with dr. yesterday.

Thanks for continued prayers!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tues., Aug 10

Hi everyone,

Trip to Hershey today to have sutures out - incision looks good - met with both drs. - infectious disease is hoping I can swallow antibiotics the rest of my life. Surgeon not as optomistic - says the next big hurdle will be what will happen when we stop the antibiotics through IV in 6 wks. I hope and pray for the best. I feel good and my leg is getting stronger!! My blood work was very good today!!!

I have been walking around the house with the cane and can feel the leg getting stronger. Should go back to school on time, but haven't discussed the particulars yet.

Am going in to school tomorrow morning to start work on my classroom that I have had moved from 3rd to 2nd floor. No AC in the room, so not sure how long I will last!!!!

Keep the prayers coming folks!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 8

Hi everyone,

I have had a nice w/end - to lunch with Sally yesterday and then to a state park. We also went to see a movie, after which Gary and Kathy picked me up and took me to dinner.
I stayed by myself last night - went well, but I was tired all night. This morning went to church and then sitting at Gary and Kathy's house until time for my niece's grad. party at 4:30. Do have a friend staying tonight again.
I have been having some stomach issues due to my oral antibiotic - I did get an Rx filled and that has helped some, but trying not to take it. The nauseousness should go away, hopefully.
Incision still good and I am walking around my house with just a cane. I plan to practice a lot this wk because I really want to go back to school with just a cane. Of course, I realize I will have to have a book bag or back pack to carry my things at school. Not sure yet if I will start with 1/2 or whole day - if 1/2 hopefully only until after Labor Day when I will be done with IV antibiotic and one more stress off of me. Yahoo!!!!
Hershey on Tues. to have sutures out - again!!
Thanks to all, Carole

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thurs, Aug. 5th

Hi everyone,

Just got back from Hershey with appt. with Infectious Disease dr. Blood work has one test back to normal and the other still up high - of course this is on the antibiotic.
We discussed going back to work and final decision will be made in next 2 wks, so not sure if will be 1/2 or full days. Hope to be driving by then - have cut pain med back to 2/day and hope to go to 1 in another week.
PT went well on Mond. Still not on bike until after sutures are out - should come out Tues. 8/10 when I will visit again and see both drs. Both drs. again on 8/17 and hopefully school start 8/23 - I really am ready for some normalcy!

Thanks again to all for visits, support, calls, etc.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tues, Aug 3

Hi everyone,

Sorry to cause panic again for some of you by not posting sooner! I am doing okay, just really busy with appts. and friends visits and a few moments of panic on my part.
I had visits last week from Sharon (DKG), Beth S, Maxine, Pastor Jeanette, and several others - went to movies with Sally and her sister on Sat. and then baptism of my great niece, Emilia, Sat. evening - quite the little actress and princess and just so beautiful!!! Sunday - grocery store with Vic and then company - neighbors Andy and Lucy, dinner with friend Linda, and visits from friend Bobbi - very busy day when I fit in dressing, showering, PT exercises, etc.
Monday lunch with Colleen H.; visit from Nancy A and visit from Bobbi last night.
I had moment of panic yesterday when realized outside of incision hard on one side, but no redness. Surgeon on vac. this wk, so of course, I am extra sensitive due to past issues.
Still really struggling with all of this past 7 mo. and enjoy talking with friends to help calm me. Drs. still say I will go back to work on time - we will see - not sure what my energy level will be in a couple of wks. Am walking stronger and steadier with walker and able to take hand off for some steps. Am trying to do steps to upstairs once a day with a cane. My goal is to be on the cane by next wk, but a lot will depend on confidence level. Hope to get in to set up classroom some time in next 2 wks.
I have 2 very busy days starting at 7 tomorrow and Thurs. so not sure when I will post again.
Thanks again for support, prayers, and caring!!! All is most appreciated!!