Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wed, June 30

Hi everyone,

Well I am home again and happy to be here - have started IV antibiotics again, but hopefully for a much shorter period of time than last time! I had a good day today beginning with PT and then had visitors Joyce and Kit this afternoon and evening.

Thanks to all for phone calls and well wishes. I am trying to pretend that this past w/end didn't even happen - it was sooo bad - I pretty much "bottomed out", but am feeling better now. I do hope the mood continues - the weather was absolutely beautiful today and should be again tomorrow - I love it when it is like this!!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Mon. June 28

Hi everyone,

Well what a difference a day makes - it has been a very busy day - I had a good night of sleep and spent 3 hrs. with my 2 drs. this morning. At this point all is looking good - from the surgery Sat. night they identified the bacteria in blister as staff - this is superficial at this time - the aspiration from the hip showed all is well currently in there. The decision has been made to put in another PICC line and I will be giving myself 2 wks of IV antibiotic 3 times/day through a syringe and not sitting for 1 1/2 hrs. each time. I am to go back to where I was before the w/end in my PT; use only the walker to get around; and will continue onward for the rest of the summer and plan to go back to work in Sep.

So, I welcome all visitors and phone calls now -thanks all for your support!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, june 27

Hi everyone,

Well, my dr. visit turned into 5 hrs in the ER Friday night and my dear friend Anne Gomer sat with me. The outcome was to be admitted and then into surgery again Sat. evening to clean out the blister and to aspirate cells from the hip joint. At this point we have identified the blister cells as staff, however none has shown up in the hip joint at the moment. but they are still culturing for couple more days. This is resulting in a PiQQ line being put in tomorrow and another 6 wks of vancomyacin - hopefully I can do this at home, but not sure yet.

I will know more in the next couple of days.

Thanks everyone,

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, June 25

Hi everyone,

I'm still doing well, but had a moment of panic yesterday because I have developed a blister beside my incision - think it is a pressure pt from my wheel chair so not sitting in it for a few days - was to go to Hershey this afternoon to have it checked, but will be going to my doctor in town just to have it checked this afternoon.

Had PT yesterday afternoon and then watched the church softball team play a game last evening - so I am getting out a little each day. Today my parents are here this morning and Anne Gomer this afternoon. Peg Gardner will spend tomorrow with me.
I really miss having my sister here, but am thankful that I am getting stronger each day and can sit up for a longer part of each day.

Bummer - my computer has died and it doesn't look like a cheap fix - so not sure if I am compter shopping or where we will go from here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wed., june 23

Hi everyone,

Still working from the little netbook, but at least I can feel connected to rest of the world again.
Went to PT yesterday and then visited with a friend in the afternoon for 1 1/2 hrs. That tired me out, so rested rest of the day.

Today I have been inside due to the heat and no need to go anywhere - but I had visits from some of my DKG sisters - so nice to see you! I also had a visit from Dee and a huge cherry pie!! Thanks!! Can't wait to see you again. This evening I had dinner with two brothers and their wives and sister Judy.

Hope this weather soon breaks!!!
Thanks everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mon., june 21

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the loss of updates - my computer is currently in repair and I am really lost without my lifeline. this is a borrowed netbook, but at least I can now use internet.

I am doing well - will go to PT tomorrow morning - am starting to get nervous about my sister leaving Thurs. and am trying to work out a schedule for people to help round the clock for another couple of weeks. So friends and family, I will be calling and now is the time for the visitors to start coming again. I still tire after 2-3 hrs, but enjoy being out - went to Perry and Joanne's house for dinner tonight - it was really good to be out.
Yesterday had visit from 4 cycling friends from Md. in the morning and then family get to gether in the evening for Father's Day. Sat. we did a Walmart run and tried to stay cool.
Hope all are well and will be back as soon as possible if my laptop gets repaired!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sat., June 19

Good morning,

I had a good day yesterday - had brunch in my sister's back yard - delicious!!! Then off to a clearance pottery sale and back home within 2 1/2 hrs. Time to rest - friend, Nancy, came and stayed with me while Judy went to visit with her in-laws. We had dinner and I rested - last evening, Sheldon and Nancy stopped by to visit.
Brother Randy brought over a wing chair for me to sit in which is firmer than any of my furniture. Nice change from wheel chair and wooden chair.

I'm doing PT exercises at home; still drinking my protein drink; and trying to get lots of rest. Would like to wean myself off of pain meds., but will continue to take for a while yet.

Another beautiful day, but I plan to rest a lot. Hope everyone is well!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thurs., June 17

Hi everyone,

I had a good day today that started with a phone call from my dentist office wanting to do something for me - it was very humbling - thanks to all of you!!! Then I received flowers from Tammy and family - thanks!!!

Went to PT this afternoon - worked on getting knee cap to the position it should be in - so I have lots to work on before next Tues when I go again.

Sister Judy has been a big help - we actually went to Lowe's to get a ceiling fan for front room - came back and rested and watched a movie.

My surgeon has me drinking a protein drink daily to strengthen my blood and bones, etc. I am waiting to hear back from him about lab results from last Friday.

I go back to Hershey on tues. 6/29.
Thanks again everyone for all of the prayers and support - they are working!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wed., June 16

Hi everyone,

I had dr. appt. this morning and can now stop testing blood sugar - he is doing a test on July 5 and we will see how I am by then - I may be pre-diabetic, but will be a long time till have to do anything about it. So, that was a great relief. I started back on BP med since it has evened out now. I have 12 more days of the shots in my stomach.

We did my exercises 3 time today and it is being treated as a knee replacement - so right now we are trying to get to 90 degrees bend. It is painful, but nice to get out to go places if even for a short while. I am still resting quite a bit during the day.

Thanks everyone!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tues., June 15

Hi everyone,

I had a good day yesterday and several visitors and more food - people have been so kind and generous that Judy hasn't had to prepare many meals - our neighbor brought talapia with crab last night - felt like I was on vacation!!!

Judy and I had a big "scrabble" match with a rematch today. I'm able to be up for more extended times now and sleeping well at night.

I've been following this year's CCC ride on a blog of one of the riders - it is interesting to see how much different the weather is from year to year. The last two days they rode in Nevada roughly 100 mile days with 20-25 mph headwinds that we didn't have.

Starting PT today, but will let you know how I do tomorrow!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14

Hi everyone,

I had a good w/end - actually was able to take my first shower - had several visitors and spent most of the time trying to stay comfortable from the heat. For those of you who have ever had to wear the white compression socks, you can imagine what it is like to try to stay comfortable - thank goodness, only one more week of them!!! Had some good fresh fruit to eat and sister Judy is keeping me well fed. Glucose and BP continue to be good.

Sunday we started to play scrabble - Colleen brought over an oscillating fan for the bedroom and brought a couple more movies for me to watch and some delicious watermelon to eat!!!

I will be starting physical therapy tomorrow afternoon for the broken leg and have a dr. appt. on Wed.

Today we will work on staying cool and keeping the swelling of my foot to a minimum.
Have a great day everyone!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sat., June 12

Hi everyone,

Made a trip to Hershey yesterday - dr. took off all but 4 sterile strips over the incision. Is pleased with incision - yeah!!!! Showed me the x-ray of femur break - is placing me on a protein drink - and will start PT this week for broken femur - it was a good day for me stamina wise and the best I have felt yet since coming home on Monday.
Sister Judy is here and I have her running all over the house to take care of me - I'm gaining movement in my leg and walking with the walker stronger every day. Am able to do a lot more for myself than I was at the beginning of the week.

Family has been with me night and day and I do appreciate and thank all who have given of their time - Dad and Evelyn have been running the grocery runs and NP Joanne has been giving me the shot in the belly every morning!

I am still fooling with the blood sugar and pain meds but do feel better now than I ever did after any of the other surgeries just tired.

World Cup Soccer this afternoon; Tour de France July 3rd; and am following blogs from this year's Cross Country challenge. Hope all are well and keep the prayers coming!!!

Thanks, Carole

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thurs., June 10

Hi everyone,

It was a good day today - family with me and it was a beautiful day. I commented that our Mother would be happy to see her oldest being taken care of by her youngest.
Nephew Dustin brought my sister from the airport and we just had a wonderful and healthy meal!!

Tomorrow I am going back to Hershey to have a blister from surgery checked. Blood sugar has been good today as has BP - still not taking BP medicine. Still some light headedness from pain meds. - trying to lengthen time periods between pain pills during day time.

Thanks everyone for being so understanding!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wed., June 9

Hi everyone,

Lovely rainy day and things have gone fairly well for me - blood sugar good early this morning as was BP, pain is starting to be managed fairly well and my body is adjusting to all of the above. I still have a very short "sit and visit" stamina, but the good news is that when I feel good, I really feel good!! Incision is totally dry at this point and I go to see my surgeon again on Tues with sister Judy.

Believe it or not I had 5 different "teacher"family members here at one time from 3 different districts and the discussion was very familiar!!! Sister Judy will add a KY perspective starting tomorrow!!

Be back tomorrow - thanks again for all the support!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tues, june 8

Hi everyone,

I am home as of 8 pm last night and finally feeling a little better this afternoon! Still very very tired, but able to sit up for meals and have conversation!!! Thanks again everyone for all of the help and prayers - I am still receiving cards from a lot of people and appreciate each and everyone!!!

More tomorrow as I get stronger!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, June 6

Hi everyone,

First night in regular room went well, but I forgot about all of the interuptions!! I was really lucky because I had the same nurse that I had in March and I really like her!! This morning the same sweet nurse's aid(as in March) walked in and is going to make my day pleasant. She will even wash my hair for me today.

I will be coming home tomorrow and the best news this morning is that my blood sugar has straightened out and I shouldn't need any insulin today. Plan to watch the French Open, sleep, and just heal!!! I have been able to keep pain under control this time - dr. was in yesterday and gave me his cell because he is going to a conference tomorrow for the week.

So news is all good now - will have therapy twice today - walked down to main desk on the floor yesterday from half way down the hall. It is tough learning to walk again after hopping for 12 wks. Can put 30 pounds of weight on foot - flat - so nice to have them the same length!!!

Am listening to a church service right now. Have a good day everyone!

Thanks for prayers and support!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sat., June 5

Hi everyone,

Well, I have now progressed to a room from ICU - had 4 IVs in me at one point and now only 1. I will be coming home on Monday - my choice. I am doing well, but slowly and that is good because if I continue at my own pace, I'm sure things will be fine this time. Still having some issues with blood sugar, but we hope they will straighten up as I heal. Swelling has gone down in hands and leg isn't as sore as yesterday.

Hope all are well and thanks again for support and prayers!

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, Friday

Hi everyone,

Well things are looking up a little bit now - I am still in ICU, but only because they don't have a bed for me on the main floor. I had 2 units of blood and that has really helped me to feel better and have more energy. I think I will be home tomorrow or Sunday - my leg is sore, but dr. feels that all is well - no signs of infection and there is scar tissue which means the muscle still has healing power. I had radiation of the bone spur section today so bone spurs don't grow into one big block of bone that wouldn't work at all.

I will update again tomorrow!!

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3 Thurs

Hi everyone,

AM really grogggy so not sure this will make lot of sense - will update tomorrow. good news no signs of infection at this point - legs are same length- bad - hairline fracture of femur which puts recuperation time back 6 wks - should still put me back to school by sep.

more tomorrow.

and here we are on Friday morning -will hav radiation treatment on bone spurs this morning, then some blood and eventually I will move out of ICU to a regurlar room.

Be in touch more after that - should come home othrrn Sat or Sun.


they aren't letting me use cell in ICU>

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tues., June 1

Hi everyone,

It is 10:00 PM and I am making this entry as I prepare to go into my surgery tomorrow at Hershey Medical Center. Dr. David Maish is my surgeon and I have a great deal of trust and faith in him. Surgery is scheduled for 10:30 am and I will be out for 2-3 hrs. Hopefully I will be able to update by tomorrow evening or at the latest Thursday.

Thanks again to everyone who has been praying and supporting me through this ordeal! I am amazed at how many people have been rooting for me and I will do my best to come through this and continue to recuperate to the best of my ability.

I hope to be home sometime Friday and will most likely lay fairly low for the first week or so. I pray that God will give me the strength and patience I will need to recuperate.

Until after the surgery, God Bless all!!