Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tues., Oct.26

It has been a couple of busy weeks!! I had my bloodwork done and all was really good = we are watching kidneys and if function decreases will have to change antibiotics.
I finished my 4th wk of full days and am feeling well - I do still tire - so to bed early and a lot of hard work at therapy. My surgeon wants me to "push through it", so I am doing the best that I can to get back to a sense of normalcy.
I can now tie my shoes on my bad leg and wear regular shoes again. Putting on the sock is still not the easiest, but I think it will come too.
I am doing a "hill" program on the stationary bike and increasing the levels. As you can see, I finally made it on the bike outside - it is a mountain bike - girl's- too small for me, but I did it. I rode a total of 2 1/2 miles on Sunday - starting out with 3 nephews running beside and in back of me and brother Gary to the front. The riding part was great - starting and stopping a little tricky, but with practice and focus, I got there and can't wait to do it again!! With some hard work and effort, I should be ready to go again in the spring and hope to do some distance riding next summer!!
I was just thinking tonight of my theme song on the blog and realized just how correct the words are!!
I go to Hershey again on Nov. 23 to see both drs. and hope to have a good visit. I will try to continue to update this every week or sol
Thanks again to my surgeon, infectious disease dr., family, friends, and all those I don't even know who have prayed for me and supported me in some way. The whole experience has been quite humbling!!
Like I have always said, "life is like a bicycle. Ride it until the wheels come off!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wed., Oct. 13

Hi everyone,
Sorry it has been so long between updates, but I was waiting for my most recent blood work. I was at Hershey yesterday with both drs. Blood work is good – infection tests were perfect – kidney function a little high and they will watch and pull blood in 2 more wks – if still high or higher, we will have to switch antibiotics – they have 3-4 more choices to try. Diabetes test was little on high side, but still normal. Chlorestoral best it has ever been with my LDLs lower than they have ever been. All in all a good visit – surgeon wants me to push hard and push through things – says this first yr. is very important because it will be the best I will get and want to get as much as possible. Infectious disease very pleased also.
Currently working my 3rd wk of full days and very tired at night and still going to bed early to get enough rest. It still takes me twice as long to do things and learning to work without a right hand until things eventually become habit. I had the wheel chair returned, put away the raised toilet seat and both walkers are upstairs. I’m sleeping upstairs in my own bed, but have had to learn a way to carry things up and down steps – think I need a pulley system. Surgeon wants me to walk w/out cane as I feel ready; PT is saying not yet. So who do you think I will listen to!?!??!
Imagine my surprise at the knock on my door Sunday afternoon when brother Gary said, “come on, let’s go. We’re going to ride just around development.” This is exactly what he did and said 11 yrs. ago when the family got me my first bike. I was petrified and we first worked on a smoother way for me to get on my bike that is on the trainer. Then he took my road bike down from the wall – put air in tires – I put on my helmet and riding gloves. We spent a good half hr. trying to figure best way for me to get on and off bike using a stool in the driveway. I attempted to ride with him holding the seat (just like a parent with a young child) – but just like skiing you have to pedal to get some momentum and I was just too scared and shaky at this point. I tried really hard, but finally said we have to wait and let me get on my trainer some more first. The positioning of the seat to pedals is different on road bikes than on a stationary bike and that was hard on my upper thigh muscles. But, at least the first step was taken. My PT who is an avid cyclist was very excited to hear this.
Thanks again to all for prayers and support!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sat., Oct 2

Hi everyone,
I had a good week and am very tired. I worked five full days – went to PT twice and celebrated my birthday on Wed. I was very happy to reach this birthday and also very happy that I made it through Sep. without being hospitalized! Big accomplishment for me!!
David set up my trainer in the family room this week, but I haven’t used it yet because I have to use a step stool to get on it and it doesn’t go real smoothly yet. I was too tired to try again, but I will and if it doesn’t work, will probably have to borrow a women’s bike to use on it. I did stop at bike shop and got some suggestions from Jess.
I am still feeling some of the effects of out patient therapy from the removal of IVC filter and can’t wait until those feelings of tiredness are gone.
This morning I had blood work done for family dr. appt. 10/11. Monday I will have blood work drawn for Hershey appt. on 10/12. Hopefully all will be good and things will slow down for a while. It is still taking time for me to learn to manage things with one hand since the cane is in the other. Carrying things up and down steps is quite a chore at this time and I might have to rely on nieces and nephews to do this for me when it comes to Christmas decorations. Raised toilet was taken to the loft and hopefully will stay there.
All in all things are going well and I pray that they continue to improve. Thanks for the prayers and support!