Friday, September 24, 2010

Fri., Sep 24

Hi everyone,

This has been a good week for me. I worked 6 hr days, Mon,. Tues, and Wed. and actually felt good everyday!! People at school have started to tell me that I look good again - they were quite worried the first couple of weeks.
Thursday I was in Hershey having the IVC filter removed which was a long day for me - left home at 8 and didn't return till 7 last night. I was finished by 4:30, but my driver had to ref a soccer game at Hershey High School and didn't finish until 5:30. I had hoped to work today, but they said no and no PT today either since they went into a major artery. So I stayed at my brother's house last night and was kind of lazy this morning. I have gotten stronger through the day and am now visiting another brother and am on his computer because something is wrong at my house. I think it is the router, but haven't had the energy to deal with "tech" support yet. Maybe I will over the w/end when it is cooler.
I am sore from yesterday and back to sponge bath for 5 days, but at least the filter is out. I am able to go to PT tomorrow morning - I'm glad cause I always have energy after doing it.
Hopefully I will be able to tolerate full days starting on Monday.
Thanks for the continued support, cards, and prayers!!
Have a good weekend! Carole

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sat., Sep 18

Hi everyone,

Well I made it through 5 days working 5 hrs and each day got a little bit better. But I will still say that when I am tired, I just have to rest for an hr and then am ready to go again!!
I am planning to do 6 hr days this wk - busy wk coming up because I am going to dinner with 3 of the riders from my CCC and am really excited about that. Wed. evening, I will be visiting Camp Nawakwa where our 6th graders are at environmental camp. Thurs, I will be at Hershey having the IVC filter removed.
If I survive all of this excitement, then I hope to start full days on 10/5. Oral antibiotics are being tolerated well so far. I still go upstairs at 8:30-9 every night to get the rest that I need!
Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend from the saddle!!! Have fun at Three Creek Century and any other place you might be riding!!
Thanks for prayers and support!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tues. evening

Quick update - had PT this pm and now have 121 flexion on my knee - goal 125. At end of session, Scott told me I could have David set up my trainer at home and put my hybrid bike on it!!!! If all continues well, I should be able to be outside on my road bike for short distance for first week of Oct.!!! I was shocked!!

thanks everyone, Carole

Tues., Sep 14

Hi everyone,

Sorry for so long between posts and hope I didn't panic anyone. I am doing well making progress in baby steps. When I look at where I was 2 wks ago, there is definite improvement. I have just been too exhausted to post more regularly - will try to do better in the future!
I am working 5 hr. days this wk and did well yesterday - had to rest when got home, but not nearly as long. Of course, I am up to bed by 8:30-9 each night. Today I am working 5 hrs. and then PT at 2:40 and then back to school for Wed. afternoon.
So far the oral antibiotics is doing well - no rash or stomach issues at this point, and pray that it continues!
I am sleeping upstairs in my own bed now and staying by myself - this is a major step for me - as I have to really plan and think out my next day and each trip up and down the stairs. But, I can do it!! Yeah!!
Thanks all for prayers and support!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tues., Sep 7

Hi everyone,

Sorry to have taken so long to post this. What a beautiful weekend we had and I thoroughly enjoyed it with family and friends.
Today I went to Hershey to have my PICC line out and see the infectious disease dr. My blood numbers were good - my one infection/inflammation is still a little high, but it came down 14 pts from last week and should be good within another week. I started the oral antibiotic tonight and hope that I can tolerate it for a long time - if I have trouble with side effects, there are several others we can try. My blood will be tested in 3-4 wks again before I go up to see both drs. again.

On the 23rd I will go to Hershey again to have the filter removed from my neck. This is more extensive of a procedure than putting it in was and does require anesthesia. When they put it in, I was awake and only had my neck numbed.
The visit should last a total of about 4-6 hrs. from arrival till I leave. I am scheduled to be done at 10 am.

So keep the prayers coming as I truly believe I am benefitting from all of them. I am slowly feeling stronger and starting to regain my appetite and eating now because I want to and not just because I know that I have to. I am continuing 1/2 days for at least 2 more wks and perhaps longer depending how it goes.

thanks again, Carole

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wed., Sep 1

Hi everyone,

I was in Hershey yesterday for appt. with ID - blood work from Mon. is slightly improved over that taken Fri. which is good. I am exhausted and really dragging which they say is normal for what my body has been through. They still want me to do 1/2 days and PT and rest only.
My mornings are the hardest and they feel that is due to the oral antibiotic that I am currently on and it is only for 2 more days. I will have PICC line pulled next Tues. and then begin the next hurdle of seeing if my body will tolerate the oral antibiotics for life. This will be monitored by watching my kidney and liver function through bloodwork.
Thanks all for your support and prayers and keep them coming!!