Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!! Nov. 24

3wks ago
I had a fairly emotional, but good week. Tuesday I had to vote and my poll is located in the nursing home I was in. I tried to visit the physical therapists who are no longer there; voted; and then went to the floor where my room was located. I saw a couple of nurses I remembered and my 95 yr. old roommate. All of this was very quickly done, but it was hard and I made it through. That evening I spoke with a 79 yr. old patient who has been on suppression therapy for 15 yrs. It was helpful, but still emotional.

Thursday I went to PT and then asked if I could do spin bike yet – he said yes. So I left there and went to my gym and told them. I went into the spin room by myself to see how riding would go and it went fine, except it made me cry. I was sitting there with tears of joy running down my face when the instructor for the evening came in. It was really good to see him – they even left “my bike” sit where it was before this ordeal!!! I only pedaled for 10-15 min. cause I had already one 25 at therapy. Hopefully next week I might be able to take a class.

This means I have to get cleats put on my new riding shoes that I bought last Oct. and haven’t been able to use yet. I have had one of them sitting in my family room for inspiration for many months!!

Nov 14-21
I did it - my first spin class!! Wore my clips and was even able to stand and ride - didn't do the class with the intensity of everyone else, but it is a beginning!! I loved it and didn't feel too badly the next day!!

Nov. 20-24
Picture is of a group of fellow cyclists and I after they did a ride on Sat. It was really good to have lunch with them - did a lot for my morale and inspiration!!! Can't wait to get back to riding my bike again!!

Did another spin class last night - went well and getting stronger.

I hope all have a great Thanksgiving holiday - I have soooooooooooo much to be thankful for!!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First group ride!!!??!?!?

Another busy and eventful week!! Still making the baby steps and getting there. I moved the hill climb to level 5 on the stationary at PT. I also started doing steps by alternating both legs instead of taking one step at a time – still slow, but can do it and they want me to practice daily since they weren’t sure that I would ever be able to do it.

First group ride outside yesterday – brothers Gary and Brent and we did 6 MILES in the wind!!! And I had my first confrontation with a dog again – not to panic though – he was very old and very big and could hardly muster up a bark. But, nonetheless, he came out on the road and the boys put me between them. I used my most authoritative voice and yelled “GO HOME” and he did. Not only that, but didn’t bother to come out when we rode back past him. Gary said that was probably the dog’s highlight of the day and no energy to do it again!

Bloodwork last week was good with kidney function still not quite where it should be, but it is no worse than my base line numbers. So, as of now, they are not going to change the antibiotic!!

Thanks again for the support!