Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tues., April 27

Hi everyone,

Good news!!! I had a great appt. with the surgeon today – highlights are – he thought I looked good including my coloring – said I looked very sick when he first saw me; he thinks he will be able to get my legs very close in length; he knows that with my drive that I will make the best of the 20-30% that is left of gluteus medius muscle – he thinks I will walk to the bike with a cane, get on and then fly!!!; and I have a surgery date of Wed., June 2nd. It was the most optimistic he has been with me thus far.
We also discussed possibilities that are less favorable, but I will not go into them here. If the ordeal should go that route, I will discuss them at a future time.
I return May 14th for a class on hip replacement and pre-op appointments. May 25th I have an appt. with surgeon and infectious disease specialist to review final blood work, etc. prior to surgery June 2nd. I have had a few bone growths that have appeared since the last x-ray – it really isn’t a problem for me, but will make the surgery more tedious for the surgeon because he will have to trim them before putting in the new hardware.
Thanks to all for your support and prayers and keep them coming!!! Please stop by or call any time you have a few minutes!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday, April 25

Hi everyone,

Busy couple of days - Friday visits with two friends and Friday evening took Pegg out for birthday dinner to Ruby Tues. followed by family and movie at home. Sat. I went for a ride to Fort Richie for a couple of hrs - really really nice to get out!! Family visited Sat. evening!

Today, church, Sunday School, movie theater to see my first 3D movie with friends and tonight dinner and visit with brother and sister-in-law.

As you can see the more stimulation I have the better - I have plenty to do here at home, but nothing like new perspective and getting out and about~~

Have a good wk all and I will be back to report on Hershey visit on Tues.

Thanks for prayers, thoughts, and cards!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday, April 22

Hi everyone,

Been an interesting week so far - finally went out this afternoon with Maxine to Giant for a few items and then to Rita's for slushy that we ate on the Battlefield. The red bud are absolutely gorgeous right now and I really enjoyed getting out. This week has been the opposite of last week in that I didn't get out until today, but did have lots of visitors and good food.

Monday, Linda treated me to Tommy's pizza and chicken ceasar salad and Joyce brought me a hummus wrap and visited in afternoon. She also spent the night and gave my nephew a break - thanks!Pam brought enough lunch on Tues. for us and at least 3 more meals along with delicious strawberries; Wed. high school classmate, Nancy, came over and we played cards, had lunch, and then watched a movie. Sally and Becky visited and brought dinner for me - thanks! So you can see I have had a lot of attention along with phone calls.

All of this really helped me get over the attempt to switch meds last wk - that was a disaster and I felt worse than I have felt in wks. Think most of it is out of my system now and hope I don't have to go through that again!

Linda will be here in morning, Joanne to visit in afternoon and will attempt to take a friend out for her birthday dinner tomorrow evening. Not sure what the w/end will bring yet - hope not too much rain!!!

I am feeling well now and starting to go stir crazy, so please stop by or take me for a ride!!! Would love to see you!!!

Thanks for prayers, cards, and thoughts!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19

Hi everyone,

I had an okay weekend, but not the best due to a new med. that is wreaking havoc with my mind and body. So, as of today, I have called the doctor and am coming off of it. There is something wrong with anti-anxiety med that makes you more anxious and nauseous than you felt before. We have decided to continue what I was doing before on a prn basis and see how that goes.

Also had contact with Hershey today - changed May 7 appt. to next Tues. April 27 which was when the dr. wanted it to be anyway. Hopefully all will go well then - x-ray and blood work to be done.

I went to church and Sunday School yesterday and did well. I am still looking forward to visits and phone calls - now even more than ever since I am more rested and feeling better.

Thanks for cards, prayers, and thoughts!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, April 16

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy couple of days - Had a nice ride up through orchards thanks to Maxine, lunch and afternoon visit with Betty, and another Wally World run today with Anne Gomer. All were successful and enjoyable and much appreciated. I also had visits from two other friends.

I am still happy and excited about my appt. on Tues., but have made a change in med. that has made me extremely tired and also agitated in the morning. I am going to try taking it differently for a couple of days and if this doesn't help, then will reduce the dose. Hopefully it will work out eventually.

Thanks for calls and visits and encourage you to keep it up - it really helps me now because I am starting to feel better and the days are getting long.

Have a great weekend!!
Thanks for cards, prayers, and thoughts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13

Hi everyone,

I had an appt. at Hershey this morning and was chauffered by brothers Gary and Eric - thanks! The appt. went well and the PICC line was removed which frees me up from responsibility of dosing myself twice a day with vanco. I will return in 2 weeks for another blood test, x-ray and possibly a needle biopsy of the hip to see if there is anymore fluid. We still have no infection identified, but results indicate there was an infection of some kind.

Four different people looked at incision and all were satisfied that it had healed well. We won't know anything about the gluteus medius muscle until the next surgery.

If blood work, etc. is good at next appt., then we will schedule next surgery probably first week of June. Dr. Zalonis (infectious disease) actually suggested I not even consider things going wrong at this point. I really appreciate her optimism since my surgeon (whom I think is very good) has been so blunt and seems to be very cautious in his predictions of outcome. My levels were all good - incision looks good and we will move forward. I was delighted to hear that!

I must say that I have had lots of people looking out for me - many are bringing me food and stopping for visits and phone calls. I want to thank each and everyone - and especially enjoy phone calls and visits - they make my days go quicker. I still have movies to watch and books to read, but nothing replaces go ole human interaction!!

Thanks for prayers, thoughts, and cards!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11

Hi everyone,

Well the last couple of days have brought some friends visiting and friends and family helping me to get to go on a couple of short outings. Saturday I had visits from a couple of DKG sisters - Diana and Jill - it was fun and good to see them - thanks girls. That evening Dee brought food and took me out to Bruster's for ice cream - went really well getting in and out of her car.

Sunday morning I went to Sunday School (2-3 yr. olds) and it was good to see them after 3 months of abscence!!! It takes some extra planning to go places because I have to have someone who has a car to fit my wheel chair in and a person strong enough to lift it to and from car. (Thanks Pegg and Jamie)

Nephew Corwyn visited for while.

I am finding my thoughts going to cycling and have spent many hours looking at my CCC pictures and reading other riders blogs - currently reading Norbert's. I'm also reading a book BICYCLE FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA by Georgia Glashauser - her central route was the same one I did with the same organization. Will I eventually do the north and south???? Don't think it is out of my system yet!!

Today 3 cycling buddies (Bob, Dave, Will, and Linda) are doing a ride in Reistertown - can't wait to hear about it - wish I were there - hopefully all in good time!!

Hershey on Tues and IV out - will report after appt.

Thanks for prayers, cards, and thoughts!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, April 9


An eventful day yesterday when I did a couple of hr. outing with a good friend to a super Walmart where I used one of their wheelchairs with a basket so I could shop while she had an eye appt. It was a productive trip and just nice to be out.

I was going to attend a band concert last evening, but decided not to due to impending rain storms - maybe I will be able to get to the high school spring concert.

Linda coming today to help with some cleaning and then the weekend - hope you all have a good one!!

thanks for thoughts, cards, and prayers!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wed., April 7

Hi everyone,

Another good but slow day. Productive in that I did file all taxes so that is a load off! Visit from sister-in-law Joanne this morning - thanks, and dinner and visit from Pegg tonight - very nice. Plus a neighbor brought me dinner too - will use tomorrow evening.

The good thing is that hopefully I only have 6 more days of IV.

Keep the prayers coming!!
Thanks, Carole

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6

Hi everyone,

Had several visitors last evening - brother to review taxes so I can file - couple of guys giving me estimate for my landscaping - guess that's where my shopping money will go for a while.

Doing well today - had a minor challenge this morning of spilling my glass of milk while here alone - I survived cleaning it up, but learned you don't poor drink until rest of meal is ready!!

Had dr. appt. this afternoon with PC and all is well - tried to get some things back in order again for regular check-ups - got a couple of new Rxs and will have another appt. with him in a month.

Resting and enjoying the beautiful weather!!!

Thanks for cards, thoughts, and prayers!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5

Hi everyone,

Oh the infamous Easter Monday - the day I don't think anyone whould have to work or go to school!!! Between traveling and eating of all of the sweets everyone needs a down day!!
I am happy to say that I didn't make it to the sunrise service, but instead of me taking nephews to Perkins, the boys brought Perkins to me!!! How sweet!! They sat here and we ate the muffins and sticky buns before they were off to Sunday School. another Easter Bunny delivered a sticky bun to my door step early in the morning too.

Went to brother Brad's for get together in afternoon for 3 hrs - was great to see everyone and what a beautiful day it was!! Good food and then back home to rest and watch a movie with Judy and Steve.

In the evening, Judy took me for my first trip to a store - Walmart - was a great time to go cause no one was there and we could move through quickly and easily to get what was needed. I even bought two new chairs for front porch and had to call brother Perry to transport them to the house.

Nephew Jacob told me he bought a road bike and has joined the cycling world - I was happy to hear that!!! Good luck Jacob!!

THis morning Judy and Steve left to fly back to Kentucky and I will miss them!!! Welcome back David tonight. Also would like to invite people to just stop by and chaat with me or give me a call. I enjoy have contact with people. Only 8 more days of IV - I hope!!

Thanks for prayers, cards, and thoughts!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sat., April 3

Happy Easter Everyone!!

I'm just sitting here waiting for my sister to bring me a subway sandwich for lunch and thinking about how happy I am to be home. I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support and prayers that have been with me through this ordeal. I must have a couple hundred cards and they still keep coming. It has been a beautiful couple of days and we have opened doors and windows - hope a bird doesn't fly through!!! My sister has changed my wardrobe from winter to spring/summer and Linda helped me to take down all of my winter and snowman things.

I know eventually I will understand the reason for all of this and do look forward to whatever challenge is ahead because at least that means I am moving forward.

I hope each of you has a great Easter with family and friends - I will miss sunrise service and breakfast at Perkins with nephews, but at least my family will be together at brother Brad's this year - hopefully my house again next year!!