Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wed., May 26

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update – Yesterday I was at Hershey for final appt. before surgery one week from today. It was a long, but productive day. Met with both drs. and providing nothing goes wrong, I can come home after 3 days – so, should be home by Fri or Sat. This was wonderful news because one of my main concerns was that I would have to go into nursing home again. I was really dreading it, but Dr. Maish has done very well for me so far, so I think I can take his word for it. My family will be manning me round the clock until June 10 when my sister from Ky comes to stay until June 24.
Extra x-rays were taken all the way down to my knee and I had a CT scan done on my legs to check for blood clots and there were none – that made me very happy!!!! Now I am praying that the new hardware will knit to my pelvis and I can start the final mending stage of this ordeal.
Friends, I will try to update this as soon as possible after surgery – you may call or e-mail me, but probably shouldn’t visit until sometime after June 10. I would love for you to stop by, but would suggest calling first until I see how much energy I have. If I do better than I think, I will let you know.
Thanks again for all of the prayers, support, and cards!!! It is amazing and humbling to see and hear how many people are actually rooting for me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tues., May 18th

SUPER NEWS!!!! JUST HEARD FROM HERSHEY Great news, they look good!


Both are in the normal range, and the CRP has decreased since the last lab draw in April (was 1.28 previously).



Tues., May 18th

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update that isn't an update. I have been in contact with hershey, but haven't been able to get anyone to give me the lab results from Friday yet. All I can say is that the surgeon's nurse said that if something majorly was wrong that would have definitely notified me by now. So...............hang in there with me and keep the calls and visits coming - we're down to 2 wks from tomorrow!! I will let you know as ssoon as I hear from you!!

Thanks for cards, support, and prayers!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 14

Hi everyone,

Well my brother and I made my trip to Hershey leaving at 6 this morning and returning around3:30 this afternoon. It was a very busy day beginning with the "hip replacement class"; followed by the PT, OT, anesthesiologist; blood work; anesthesiologist - one on one; urinalysis; EKG etc.

Unfortunately, at this point I don't have any news either way and problaby won't before the beginning of the week. I will contact the resident dr. tomorrow and request an update on the blood work. However, I do want to comment on how differently Hershey does things from GBG - they won't take my own blood; they allowed me to pee in a cup as opposed to a "stray cath"; they are saying 95% of people will go home in 3 days; will use a "nerve block" not an epidural for the surgery; do not use coumadin, but rather "lovenox shots" in the belly for 3 wks and then 3 wks of aspirin; and I can't remember what else.

Anyway, I am really hoping to be able to come home, but will call the social worker next week to discuss this with her. I would love to think that I am coming home, but am also looking forward to my sister visiting with me when I do come home again.

I will continue to keep you updated as I have info.

Thanks for prayers, cards, and support!! Still need people around me the next 2 + weeks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thurs., May 13

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't entered much this week, but have been very busy with company and working on trying to rest and get stronger. My Ala friends were a wonderful change of pace and Arlene spoiled me rotten!! She cooked my meals and did laundry and picked up after me - even took me to get a manicure (no files used!!) We really had a great time sharing our ABB pictures - she rode in 07 at the age of 67!!! We also visited with Bob and Dave who rode with her and the week just flew by!!

So here I am the day before my next big day at Hershey!!! I leave at 6 tomorrow morning to attend a "hip replacement class" taught by my surgeon and then pre-op work with anesthesiaologist, etc. And most importantly, my next set of blood work that will indicate infection or inflammation. I will be back to you as soon as I have some info on those results.

Thanks for cards, support, and prayers!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday, May 7

Hi everyone,

Have had a good week with friends from Ala. coming Tues. evening - Carl and Cindy were here until Wed. evening when they left to go to Williamsburg for a 4 day tandem bike ride. Arlene is still here and will stay until Wed. She has been waiting on me hand and foot and really spoiling me!!

Wed. we toured the Battlefield with Dave and Carol Moore - they exhausted me, so we have been laying pretty low since then - yesterday I had a dr. appt. and last evening we attended a "gold" party. We have a visit planned with one of the riders that Arlene rode cross country with in 2007.

Not sure what rest of week will bring, but the weather has been absolutely beautiful!
Hope all of you are well!

Thanks for prayers, support, and cards!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2

Hi everyone,

I'm still on a high from my appt. Tues. and hoping that my good luck continues - received blood work reports on Wed., and had it clarified on Thurs. - one score was excellent improvement and the other was average. I'll take it as long as it continues. I will be tested again on May 14th so keep the support and prayers coming please. It is working!!

I was out somewhere everyday this week and had a wonderful visit from John Boyle and his wife from Reading - John rode across country last summer with me at the ripe young age of 71 - his 4th crossing and one of them he walked!!! Quite an athlete!!! Anne Gomer took me for a haircut and lunch at her house; Hershey trip; Betty Boop visited; and Joanne, Kit, and Dee on Friday. Sat., Joyce E. took me took Frederick and I had my first experience with driving an electric scooter at Lowe's and then Target!! Thanks Joyce.

Today church and Sunday School and my stomach is saying take it easy on eating out?!?!? Hope everyone has a good week!

Thanks for prayers, support, and cards!!